love local action day

Sunday, May 26

We believe lives can be changed by loving our neighbors. Join us Sunday, May 26 for our second Love Local Action Day. 
Here are the ways you can get involved:
- Plan to have your neighbors over or join with something already happening in your neighborhood
- Meet at Eastown at 10am before we go out and serve around San Ramon. We will have several options for you to choose from, along with kid friendly ideas!

For more information and to sign up email


We believe that people are encouraged and changed through love.  What if a person's first interaction with Eastown was not an invitation to come to a Sunday morning service, but an act of love shared with them for no reason at all?  Throughout our community, we want people to experience a bright spot in their day and know that they are loved no matter what.


  • Pay for someone's coffee or lunch behind you in line

  • Homeless Care-bags / socks stuffed with toiletries and hand warmers - involve your kids

  • Go to a laundromat and pay for laundry - stay and talk to people

  • Help elderly or mothers with children load their groceries

  • Put away shopping carts at the grocery store

  • Offer to help carpool other kids to sports and other activities

  • Assist with a neighbor's yard work

  • Leave a basket of goodies and water bottles on your porch for your delivery person

  • Put your neighbors garbage can away on garbage day

  • Pass out cold water or gatorade at kid's sports events, parks, etc. - involve your kids

  • Leave large tips at restaurants and services

  • Serve a local school within the areas of need

  • Bring donuts, coffee or water to a public transportation center to pass out

  • Garage "sale" giveaway

  • Work with manager to purchase hotdogs at a local hardware store - stay to chat

  • Thank people in thankless jobs

  • Look at local neighborhood groups and postings to help as you can with various needs

  • Visit a busy downtown area in peak times and pay parking meters

  • Invite your neighbors over for breakfast or a hot chocolate bar

  • Donate a coat to someone in need. Put an encouraging note in the pocket

  • Walk a neighbor's dog

  • Donate a new toy to a children's hospital or fire station

  • Bring coffee or pizza for teachers to your local school

  • Leave a thank you note and a small gift for your mail carrier, garbage collector or delivery person