who we are. 

So, what does that mean, exactly? Well, it means that we’re committed to creating a culture where people can ask questions, takes steps and  move forward in their faith journey. 

You see, whatever your thoughts might be about church, we want to help you redefine them. We believe that church is a vehicle to discover the love of Jesus, and then taking that love into a broken world. At Eastown, we hope you’ll discover unconditional love and experience freedom.  We believe that when you're free, you'll discover the unique impact that you were created to have in this world. And we believe that this journey is not only worth it, but that it will be an absolute adventure.

So how does this happen? We believe that people learn best through stories. We work hard to create a story every weekend that connects you to your creator. We do this so that your experience at Eastown will inspire you to take your next step in your faith journey. We hope it will also allow you to ask questions and connect to someone that can assist you on this journey.

That’s what it’s about. That’s why we get up in the morning. That’s why we think that Eastown isn’t just a place - that it’s a movement. A movement of people working to impact the East Bay and invite anyone on the adventure of following Jesus.


MEET The Dupins

Michaell and Clint met 17 years ago in Rocklin, CA. They have been serving alongside each other in the local church. After spending the last fifteen years being a part of two incredible churches in Michigan, it is a privilege to move back to Northern California - one of the most innovative and influential areas of the world.

"We believe that God has an incredible, adventure-filled story not only for each of our individual lives and the lives of our families, but also for the impact we can make on our world both locally and globally when we come together. We're passionate about the local church giving people a glimpse into this story God has for them, equipping and strengthening individuals and families, and growing a community of people who desire to be the solution to brokenness and pain in our world. In all of this, we want to have fun sharing this with as many people as we can."

- Clint & Michaell Dupin, lead pastors of Eastown Church



"I can't wait to see what God has planned for Eastown! It has been an honor to get to know Clint and Michaell. They are some of the most genuine, loving, and joyful people I have ever been around. The East Bay is blessed to have them!"

Derek Carr
Quarterback, Oakland Raiders


"The Dupin family has become a piece of the fabric of our family. Our time together has been nothing shy of a blessing. Their loving, compassionate and thoughtful spirit has changed our lives. That is the type of family we want to show the Bay Area with Eastown. Personal growth, relationships and community are things we are excited to help spread through this region. Jesus told us to love your neighbor as yourself. We look forward to standing with the Dupins as we show people what that looks like."

Todd Downing
Former OC with Oakland Raiders,Detroit Lions QB Coach, Buffalo Bills QB Coach


"Clint and Michaell have been an overwhelming presence of joy in the Kensington community. They’ve had tremendous impact in people’s lives and have left a huge mark of blessing in so many events and in so many people. Their laughter and joy will be deeply missed here in Detroit, but I believe that God has called them to a powerful new work that will result in a great number of changed lives in the Bay Area. They’ll be missed, but they’re still a part of us. God’s Kingdom is advancing as a result of their obedience.”

Steve Andrews
Founder & Lead Pastor, Kensington Church


"I’ve had the privilege of knowing Clint and Michaell Dupin for over five years, watching them build a church community in Birmingham and being an integral part of the vision, launch and success of Hope Water Project—a global initiative to bring clean water and the Gospel to a forgotten group of people in Kenya. Both Clint and Michaell have a unique ability to cast a clear vision that inspires others to wake up every day with a sense of urgency to change the world. Not only do they lead with integrity and confidence from the stage, but their day-to-day lives reflect these same values which creates this authenticity about them."

Bill Clark
Executive Director, Hope Water International