Summer gives us a great opportunity to spend more time as a family. We have the chance to create memories, have meaningful conversations, and laugh a lot. It is also a great time to get to know your neighbors better and build community right where you live. Our passion is to help make families and our community stronger, and to love others better beginning in our neighborhoods. 

Post It!

Share your family adventures on social media. Each time you post, your name enters a drawing to win a fun family pack at the end of summer. #eastownfamilyadventures

Summer Memory Jar

Keep track of memories this summer! Place a jar or container in your home wherever your family hangs out the most. (You can even decorate this as a family, if you are crafty. If you are not, no stress, just buy something) Grab slips of paper and a few pens to go along with it. Encourage your family to keep track of the highlights of your summer. Here are some ideas to remember: funny things said, trips taken, favorite moments, new friends made, fears that were overcome, hard lessons learned, and more. Then at the end of the summer, dump this jar out and celebrate all that happened in your family in just a few short months. Celebrations are always better with food and dessert, so make it a party!

Brighten Someone’s Day

As a family, brainstorm someone you know who might need some encouragement. It could be a neighbor, a friend, or someone from school or work. Think of a way to meet a need in their life and brighten their day. Leave a note of encouragement so they know how much you care. 

Family Game Night

Invite another family over and engage in some fun, friendly competition. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. 

And of course add some fun, summer food or desserts to make it even better.

Neighborhood Water War

Fill up water balloons and water guns and create teams (try kids vs adults, if the adults are brave enough). See who can stay the driest. Try these balloons for quick, easy filling:

Afterwards race to see which team can clean up the most broken water balloon pieces and top the night off with ice cream together.  

Night Time Freeze Tag

Grab a few flashlights and head outside. Choose one person to be “it” and give them a flashlight. On “Go” everyone runs around for 30 seconds. You are immediately frozen when the flashlight shines on youand you can only unfreeze when a teammate tags you. Once everyone is frozen, choose a new person to be “it.” To make it even harder, have everyone dress in all black. 

Backyard Campfire/Campout

Make hobo pies and smores over the fire. If you have never tried hobo pies, this is a must. See recipes below

It’s always more fun around a campfire when you invite another family to join you. As you sit around the fire, here are some fun things to do and talk about:

  • Share your favorite or craziest family memory
  • Impersonate your favorite movie character and let others guess who you are 
  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
  • Story pass: Make up a story together. One person starts and each person adds to it.
  • Sing your favorite campfire songs or learn some new ones

For those who love adventure, throw up a tent or hang your hammocks, grab the sleeping bags and sleep out in the backyard. 

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Grab some neighbors and divide into teams.  Each household can be a team, or you can mix it up and spread out your family members on different teams, or play kids vs adults. Follow the link below and take photos of each challenge to prove you did it. 

Waffle Bar Dinner & Conversation

Make a stack of waffles and let everyone choose from a variety of toppings… strawberries, powdered sugar, peanut butter, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, cool whip, peaches, and more.  Then over breakfast for dinner answer the following questions. 

  • What was your high?
  • What was your low?
  • How were you brave?
  • How did you fail?
  • How did you help someone?
  • When were you frustrated?

Front Yard Picnic

It is easy to invite people we know over and hang out in the backyard, but if we hang out in the front yard, we might meet neighbors we never have before. Pick a night and invite your neighbors over to a picnic in the front yard. Make easy invites to pass around, then order pizza or move the grill out front and share a meal together. Have each person that comes bring a dish/dessert to share. 

Travel the World in Your Neighborhood

One of the greatest characteristics about where we live is that so many different cultures live right next door to each other. Invite your neighbors over and have everyone bring their favorite dish to share from their culture. Then have them share why it is their favorite dish and what family memories are tied to it.